Colombia Cafe Granja La Esperanza 100% Geisha Kamitsu Honey 哥倫比亞 希望莊園 100%瑰夏/藝妓「花蜜」蜜處理 – COFFEE ICON
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Colombia Cafe Granja La Esperanza 100% Geisha Kamitsu Honey 哥倫比亞 希望莊園 100%瑰夏/藝妓「花蜜」蜜處理

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Colombia Cafe Granja La Esperanza 100% Geisha Kamitsu Honey

哥倫比亞 希望莊園 100%瑰夏/藝妓「花蜜」蜜處理 

Country  : Colombia

Region   : Valle de Cauca

Farm      : Cerro Azu / Magarita

Mamor   : Rigoberto (Rigo) Herrera

Variety   : 100% Geisha  

Altitude  : 1600-1750m

Process : Honey 

Level      : Medium Light

Weights : 200g 

Flavor    : Orange Blossom, Cherry, Pineapple, Winey

Kamitsu是日文花蜜的意思。本支產品由我們發想命名向哥倫比亞頂尖的希望莊園訂製的特製款,做為花見藝伎的續作,在水洗處理的花見藝伎的賞花風情之外,強調的是蜜處理的獨樹一幟的細緻蜜漿香氣及那舒緩人心的絲滑柔順口感。今日的蜜處理風格多變,白黃金紅橘黑目不暇給,甚至乾式發酵或者厭氧發酵的工藝亦可以結合在蜜處理法中,在處理法的繁複技變流轉中,您還喝得出多少蜜處理風味呢? 經過數次樣品往返,我們選用的來自藍色山丘莊園(Cerro Azul)及瑪格麗特莊園(Magarita),海拔1600-1750公尺的瑰夏/藝伎特定批次,作為本次花蜜。

Kamitsu means nectar in Japanese. This product was named by us as a special model ordered from the top Hope Manor in Colombia. As a sequel to Hanami Geisha, in addition to the flower-viewing style of Hanami Geisha with water-washed treatment, it emphasizes the uniqueness of honey treatment. The delicate honey aroma and the soothing silky smooth taste. Today’s honey processing styles are varied, with white, gold, red, orange and black varieties available. Even dry fermentation or anaerobic fermentation processes can be combined with the honey processing method. Amidst the complicated technological changes in the processing method, you can still drink it. How much honey is produced to process the flavor? After several sample trips, we selected a specific batch of Geisha/Geisha from Cerro Azul and Magarita at an altitude of 1600-1750 meters as this nectar.

When developing this product with the manor owner, we directly appealed to the original intention of honey processing and the famous vertical feeling of falling into the cup, especially when dealing with such delicate and soft varieties as Gesha/Geisha.

Among the three steps of the Hope Manor Rose Summer Series, it can be said that the honey treatment is the most difficult and risky to produce - Kamitsu.  Small quantities will arrive, so love must be in time!


- Keep the coffee beans away from air, moisture, light and heat !!

- Keep coffee beans or grounded beans in air tight container !!

- Keep coffee bean in a dry & cool place !!


- For coffee beans with WASHED PROCESS - 1 WEEK !!

- For coffee beans with NATURAL PROCESS - 2 WEEKS !!


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