Colombia Quindio Finca Jardines del Eden Ice Fermentation Natural Luz Helena 金迪歐 伊甸園 冰雪日曬 – COFFEE ICON
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Colombia Quindio Finca Jardines del Eden Ice Fermentation Natural Luz Helena 金迪歐 伊甸園 冰雪日曬

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Colombia Quindio Finca Jardines del Eden Ice Fermentation Natural Luz Helena 

金迪歐 伊甸園 冰雪日曬

Country     :  Colombia

Region      :  Quindio  

Altitude     :  1,800-2,000m 

Variety   :  Castillo

Farm      :  Finca Jardines del Eden

Manor       :  Luz Helena  - Felipe & Carlos of Arcila Family

Process    :  Ice Fermentation Natural

Level         :  Medium Light

Flavors      :  Star fruit Juice, Sour Plum Soup, Candied Pineapple, Winey

Weight       :  200g

This batch comes from Eden Manor located in Quindio!

There are many famous triangular areas in the world, such as the Golden Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle, etc., but in the eyes of more experienced coffee drinkers, the triangular area formed by Quindio, Caldas, and Risaralda is the golden area of Colombian coffee. It is the Coffee Triangle, which locals call Eji Caftero (the axis of coffee producers).

Felipe and Carlos are the fourth generation of the Arcila family to grow coffee, and Luz Helena is their mother. Before Felipe and Carlos, their family was engaged in traditional coffee production in Colombia. After we got to know Felipe and Carlos, we made a special trip to Colombia and visited their home and estate in Armenia to witness the transformation of the family industry.  During this period, we also visited the dry mill (Dry Mill) where their father is the director. It is a treatment plant with huge machinery and a daily production capacity of several containers.

Felipe and Carlos were influenced by what they heard and saw, and they held a passion for the coffee industry, but they were moving in completely different directions. This batch is one in which they cooperated with their mother and were at the forefront of the times. They have been thinking about and trying out this treatment method since 2018, and this year we finally have the opportunity to introduce it.

The characteristic of this batch is that during the fruit stage, the coffee cherries were frozen for about 5 days to undergo low-temperature fermentation. The extremely low-temperature environment slowed down the fermentation process and reduce the risk of defective flavors. Of course, at low temperatures the resulting bacterial strains, fermentation and extended flavor substances are naturally very different from the general environment. It has a strong fruity and floral aroma, and the flavor is very varied. It's like a living snowflake fruit bomb exploding in your mouth. Don’t believe it? You’ll know after you drink it!


世界上有許多有名的的三角地帶,例如金三角、百慕達三角等等,但在稍有資歷的咖啡人眼中,金迪歐與Caldas、Risaralda所形成的三角形區域,是哥倫比亞咖啡黃金地帶,稱為咖啡三角(Coffee Triagnle),當地人則稱之為Eji Caftero (咖啡生產者的軸心)。

Arcila家族傳至Felipe以及Carlos已經是咖啡種植的第四代,Luz Helena則是他們的母親。在Felipe以及Carlos之前,他們家族從事的是哥倫比亞傳統咖啡的生產,我們認識Felipe以及Carlos之後,特地飛了一趟哥倫比亞,並前往他們在Armenia市的老家以及莊園參訪,見證了家族產業轉型的過程。期間我們還拜訪了他們父親擔任廠長的乾處理廠(Dry Mill),那是一個具有龐大機具的處理廠,每天的產能就有數個貨櫃。




- Keep the coffee beans away from air, moisture, light and heat !!

- Keep coffee beans or grounded beans in air tight container !!

- Keep coffee bean in a dry & cool place !!


- For coffee beans with WASHED PROCESS - 1 WEEK !!

- For coffee beans with NATURAL PROCESS - 2 WEEKS !!


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中南美洲藍色系 (11)medium light roasted