CAFEC V60 Abaca Filter paper 日本製造 CAFEC 三洋 Abaca 蕉麻濾紙 – COFFEE ICON
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CAFEC V60 Abaca Filter paper 日本製造 CAFEC 三洋 Abaca 蕉麻濾紙

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Cafec Abaca V60 Filter Paper 01 

日本製造 CAFEC 三洋 Abaca 蕉麻濾紙

Color         :  Bleached (white)

Material     :  Musa textilis

Made for   :  1 Cup (for 1-2 cups)

Quantity    :  100pcs / pack

Made in     :  Japan 

- For those who want to keep the aroma of coffee

- Suitable for dripper size 01

The CAFEC coffee paper filter is a green product, which includes the non-wood manila hemp name "ABACA". The ABACA has many advantages such as permeability, suppleness, and strong-ness. Thanks to these advantages, our ABACA paper filter is very supple and strong with a high liquid permeability.

Compatible with : CAFEC Flower dripper 4 cup, Hario V60 02, ORIGAMI M dripper, and similar drippers

Material                : Non-wood material ABACA (Manila hemp) + wood-pulp

Highlights             : The ABACA filter paper can be said an eco-friendly filter paper. It has good air and liquid permeability, toughness, and elasticity. 

三洋Abaca系列 漂白

產地 : 日本

數量 : 100入/包

規格 : 1-2人用 / 2-4人用

材質 : 紙漿 / ABACA 麻纖維

三洋 ABACA Coffee Filter 濾紙採用栽種時間短、耐天候及蟲害的馬尼拉麻(Musa textilis)80% 混合紙漿製成。


ABACA 濾紙的纖維較一般濾紙結實,支撐力好,液體滲透性也較佳,


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