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Akirakoki Penguin Electric Kettle Pot 電子温控壼手沖細口壼

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Akirakoki Penguin Electric Kettle Pot  電子温控壼手沖細口壼

Brand     :  Akirakoki

Item       :  Electric kettle pot

Color     :  Black / White

Material :  Food grade stainless steel (kettle)

                 Tempered glass panel (bottom)

Spout diameter      :  8mm

Full water capacity : 750ml

Product Description:

- Easy to control water speed, flow and direction.

- Fully tempered glass panel, integrated and easy to clean.

- Precise electronic temperature control, 20°C to 100°C.

- Food grade stainless steel, safe to use.

- Strix temperature control function imported from the UK performs extremely well.

- The center of gravity of the pot is in the front, making it easier to use.

- Comes in 2 colours Black and White

- 易於控制水流速度、流量與方向。

- 全鋼化玻璃面板,一體成型,清潔容易。

- 精準電子溫度控制,攝氏20°至攝氏100°。

- 食品級拉絲不銹鋼,使用安心。

- 英國進口Strix溫控功能表現極致。

- 壺的重心在前面,使用起來更省力。

- 美國ASTM食品級拉絲不鏽鋼



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