Aurli Old Rock Mud Mini Kettle Pot 12oz (340ml) Aurli 老岩泥 百鍊咖啡 老岩泥手沖壺 340ml 1次燒/5次燒 炎焱 – COFFEE ICON
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Aurli Old Rock Mud Mini Kettle Pot 12oz (340ml) Aurli 老岩泥 百鍊咖啡 老岩泥手沖壺 340ml 1次燒/5次燒 炎焱

RM 340.00

Aurli Old Rock Mud Mini Kettle Pot 340ml

Aurli 奧利 │百鍊咖啡 老岩泥手沖壺(火/炎焱)

Brand : Aurli

Material : Old Rock Mud (PURION)

Size : 185mm x 90mm x 90mm

Capacity : 340ml 

Weight : 240g

Types : 1 Fired / 5 Fired

Made in : Taiwan Aurli 

- 1燒口感酸度明亮干淨

- 5燒 酸度低,甜度高,尾諳長 

Aurli 奧利 │百鍊咖啡 老岩泥手沖壺(火/炎焱)





















- 1 burnt : Taste bright and clean with acidity

- 5 burnt : Low acidity, high sweetness, long tail

This hand brewing kettle is based on the concept of "making coffee with utensils", so the kettle has a variety of humanized designs. It is light and convenient, allowing users to use it with one hand, especially when brewing with ear hooks. You no longer have to worry about coffee splashing everywhere, and you can enjoy your leisurely brewing time.

※This hand brewing kettle can be kept warm with candles. Please do not heat or cook it with an open flame.

Product Features:

1. Innovative Composite material Pour Over Kettle

- The world's first and only to feature a composite design that combines a stainless steel spout with a ceramic body.

- The ceramic material helps to transform the quality of the water.

- The stainless steel provides durability and impact resistance.

- Meet consumers' needs of wanting both good water quality and durable equipment.

- The product has obtained patents in Taiwan, Mainland China, and other countries.

2. Unique Pottery Made Coffee Ware to Enrich Coffee Experience

- Rich in mineral rocks.

- Close-to-nature hand feeling is finely-refined to enrich flavor of your familiar coffee experience.

3. Easy disassembly and assembly, convenient for carrying and cleaning

- Compact in size and easy to store.

- Perfect for traveling, camping, commuting to the office, or using at home.

- Its easy-to-detach design and convenient cleaning make it a hassle-free addition to your daily routine.

- With this kettle, you can enjoy the benefits of high-quality water without worrying about damaging the spout.

4. Steady stream pouring

- The meticulously designed streamlined spout enables a stable and smooth water flow.

- The speed of pouring is under the user's control, achieving the perfect harmony between the user and the ware.

- Allowing consumers to experience the technique of "90-degree water pouring" of baristas.


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