Akirakoki Halogen Beam Heater 台灣正晃行滷素燈加熱爐/光爐 (吸虹壼/塞風 專用) – COFFEE ICON
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Akirakoki Halogen Beam Heater 台灣正晃行滷素燈加熱爐/光爐 (吸虹壼/塞風 專用)

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Akirakoki Light Stove Beam Heater 虹吸式咖啡壺專用光波爐

Brand    :  Akirakoki

Item      :  Light Stove Beam Heater

Voltage :  220V

Size      :  Length 180mm X width 153mm X diameter 117mm

Colour   :  Black

Weight  :  1.5 kilogram


● Comes in black colour only.

● Fast burning for easier coffee brewing.

● Fire is adjustable to lower or higher temperature.

● Suitable to use for Hario Syphon TCA-2 and TCA-3

● Use light to cook no fire, safe to use 

This item uses the simplest system to achieve high-efficiency heating, so that the heat source is stable and only effective on the heating object, not affected by the surrounding environment. The heat power can be well adjusted. Recomment the boiling water temperature is controlled at about 89-91℃, which can avoid excessive extraction due to high water temperature, especially for light roasted coffee. The heat source does not directly touch the heating object, and will not pollute the heating container (the lower pot of the siphon pot) and the heated hot water. It will also prolong the service life of the lower pot of the syphon pot and is not easy to get burn.

- 光能加熱好安全,無火無危險



- 英式3扁插 220V 無需轉換插頭

● 型號 BH-100

● 電壓 220V/50HZ 

● 功率 400W



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