Aurli Old Rock Mud Trapezoidal Cup 12oz / 355ml 3 Types Burner 1/ 3/ 5 Fired - Aurli 奧利│老岩泥山型杯1 & 3 & 5燒 – COFFEE ICON
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Aurli Old Rock Mud Trapezoidal Cup 12oz / 355ml 3 Types Burner 1/ 3/ 5 Fired - Aurli 奧利│老岩泥山型杯1 & 3 & 5燒

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Aurli PURION Trapezoidal Cup Kilning 12oz/355ml

Brand      :  Aurli (Original brand)

Material  :  Old Rock Mud

Capacity :  12oz/355ml

Weight    :  320g

Size         :  Length 130mm x Diameter 95mm x Height 90mm

Types      :  1 Fired / 3 Fired / 5 Fired

Made in  :  Taiwan

Aurli 奧利│老岩泥山型杯1&5燒









淨重:320 g

容量:355 c.c./12oz




老岩泥每批燒製作品獨一無二,顏色恐有色差 以實品為主。


老岩泥每批燒製作品獨一無二,顏色恐有色差 以實品為主。

Made from old rock mud and natural rock minerals combined with pottery clay, the body presents the original simplicity and natural texture of rough minerals. After a thin glaze is applied to the cup, the earthy particles show the unique and interesting color of the kiln.


1 Fired - fruit acid is the most obvious and has a strong personality

3 Fired - relatively high sweetness, has the effect of modifying the sour taste

5 Fired - the best roundness among the three! Drinks very evenly


※The signature on the bottom of each batch may be different, showing NO. 1, 3, 5 or Huo/Yan/Yanyan

※ Each batch of Aurli products is unique, and the color may vary. The actual product is the main product.


- 12 oz/ 355 ml is a common size of a medium takeaway coffee.

- The trapezoidal shape, also known as a mountain-shaped cup, can concentrate the rich coffee aroma, allowing one to taste the best flavor of coffee.

- Thick and wide handle, easy to grip and hold firmly.

- Thinly-glazed rim edge for aesthetic highlight.


- Products are handmade and the fabulous fascination of its beauty is the unique mixture of clay body and glaze. 

- Pottery wares are not standardized products.

- Every piece of its colour, pattern and size may slightly differ.

- Uses raw material and they are 100% safe.

- There may be some pinholes on the surface like naturally-grown organic vegetables.


- Rinse the product with boiling water before using.

- Size may slightly differ due to contraction features of handmade pottery product.

- Please keep dry after cleaning with a soft brush or water.

- Keep away from children to avoid product breakage of scald or burning injury.


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