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Taiwan Mountain Tea 台灣 精品高山茶品

杉林溪 綠沐 青茶


產地- 番仔田







『烏龍茶』是台灣目前最耳熟能詳的茶名,通常被認為是台灣當家茶種『青心烏龍』, 但嚴格來說,它更是一種製造工法- 『半球型包種茶』的製作方式, 其發酵程度約15%-35%; 因產地、土壤、氣候以及發酵程度的差異,區分出不同的茶葉品茗; 我們精選出高山好茶菁,做出優質的好茶, 從茶園管理、茶葉製造、加工、分級到包裝皆嚴格把關, 讓您喝得健康,也喝得安心。

Green series

“Oolong tea” is most familiar in Taiwan, it usually consider Taiwan manages tea “Greenheart Oolong tea”, but Strictly speaking, it is one kind of manufacture – “the hemisphere mildly fermented tea”, its fermentation degree is approximately between 15%-35%; Because of the habitat, the soil, the climate, and the fermentation degree difference, differentiates the different tea; We select good tea leaves to makes the high quality tea, from tea garden management, the tea manufacture, the processing, grades, and the packing, let you drink the health, also drinks relieved.

Shalini phytoncide

Habitat - Fanzaitian 1300M-1600M

Feature- the Fanzaitian has a high profile of aroma with tea performance are great; the sweet taste naturally, rich of the hills smell slowly released from the mouth, like a bath in the forest full of phytoncide breath is so fresh and comfortable. 

Fermentation degree: 15%, cures degree: 5%


熱壼沖泡方式/ pot 

選水- 沖泡茶葉用水最好是用RO逆滲透,純水不會因為雜質而影響茶葉的味道。

When choosing water – the best water to use when brewing tea is to use reverse osmosis (RO) filtered water. As a result, the taste of the tea will not be affected by impurities.

溫壺- 於水溫70-80度之間時, 將熱水淋在壺上(避免壺因高熱造成龜裂)。

Warming the pot – rinse out the teapot with water between 70 to 80 degrees. This is done to avoid cracking the teapot.


According to your personal preference, add the desired amount of tea, then pour boiling water into the pot for 2 seconds in order to activate the tea. This is called “tea washing”.

If you are unsure of how much tea to add use the following guidelines:

★半球型茶葉- 置入比淹底多一點的高度。

Hemisphere style leaves – cover just the bottom surface of the pot with tea leaves.

★條型茶葉- 約為陶壺1/2之高度。

Linearity style leaves- fill half the teapot with tea leaves.

沖入90-100度之開水,第1泡35秒,第2泡30秒, 第3泡以上浸泡時間逐次遞增, 可回沖數次。

Use hot water, boiled to around 90 to 100 degrees, to make the tea. The first time round, brew the tea for 35 secs, this is now ready to drink. When using the leaves to brew for a 2nd time, brew for 30 secs. each successive time after that adds 10 seconds to the initial brewing time.


The tea brewing times depend on individual tastes. When brewing with a clay pot, try to use different clay pots for different varieties of tea to avoid mixing flavors.


冷泡茶沖煮方式/ Served-Cold


Use room temperature water to brew the tea. The ratio of tea to water is 1g: 100c.c. Let it infuse for 3 to 4 hours before enjoying the delicious and healthy cold tea. If you intended to keep the tea for longer than 12 hours, you need to remove the tea leaves and place the tea in the refrigerator. This should last for 2 days.


For a stock batch of tea, use exactly the same ratio of tea to water then place the batch into a refrigerator. After 8 hours of refrigeration, it is ready for consumption. It can store for four days.

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