Aurli Old Rock Mud Cup Set 3pcs Per Box / 陶作坊 1/3/5 次燒 隨心杯組 – COFFEE ICON
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Aurli Old Rock Mud Cup Set 3pcs Per Box / 陶作坊 1/3/5 次燒 隨心杯組

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Item             :  Aurli Old Rock Mud Cup Set 3pcs Per Box 

台灣 陶作坊 1/3/5 次燒 隨心杯組

Dimension   :  84mm x 64mm x 52mm (10 mm thick)

Capacity      :  90ml

Weight         :  98g per cup

Materials     :  Old Rock Mud /老岩泥

Types          :  1 Fired / 3 Fired / 5 Fired in box

Made In       :  Taiwan

Different times burr different Taste. The coffee tastes you decide !!


1 times burns:  Acidity bring, Clean

3 times burns:  Sweetness, Balance

5 times burns:  Low Acidity, Body, Long Aftertaste

- Ratio of cup type to rock mine, Can enlarge or converge the local flavor of coffee, Try testing different cups with the same coffee bean. (火 焱)

Product Features

1. Easy to carry. When drinking a pot of hand-brewed coffee, you can easily share it with friends and taste different flavors.

2. Drink espresso and feel the sweetness, sourness, body and aftertaste, etc. It is sweet but not bitter.

3. The appearance of the aroma-smelling device requires a large drinking area and a full aroma.

Maintenance method

1. Ceramics are fragile items, so the focus on maintenance is to avoid breakage and keep them clean.

2. When cleaning utensils, clean them one by one to avoid collision with each other. When packing, pack them tightly, especially accessories.

3. Try to avoid rapid cooling and heating when cleaning. If there is dust on the ceramics, wipe it gently with a soft cloth or gently brush it off with a brush. Be as careful as you would treat a baby's tender skin.

4. Do not place ceramic collections in places with high temperatures and strong light, especially thin-bodied ceramics. 

5. Please pay attention to hard objects such as rings on your hands when using it to avoid scratching the surface.



1. 方便攜帶,喝一壺手沖咖啡時,也能輕鬆地與好友分享,品的到不同風味。

2. 品飲濃縮咖啡,感受的到甜味、酸味、醇度、餘韻等,甘醇而不苦澀。

3. 外觀上訴求聞香器型,講究的品飲面積,聚香氣十足。


重量:98 g

容量:85 cc

尺寸:8.4 x 6.4 x 5.2 cm










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