Aurli PURION Old Rock Mud Trapezoidal Cup Kilning 12oz / 355ml Aurli 奧利│老岩泥山型杯1&5燒 – COFFEE ICON
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Aurli PURION Old Rock Mud Trapezoidal Cup Kilning 12oz / 355ml Aurli 奧利│老岩泥山型杯1&5燒

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Aurli PURION Trapezoidal Cup Kilning 12oz/355ml

Aurli 奧利│老岩泥山型杯1&5燒

Brand     :  Aurli

Material  :  Purion

Capacity :  12oz (355ml)

Weight    :  320g

Types      :  1 / 3 / 5 Fired

Made in   :  Taiwan


- 12 oz/ 355 ml is a common size of a medium takeaway coffee.

- The trapezoidal shape, also known as a mountain-shaped cup, can concentrate the rich coffee aroma, allowing one to taste the best flavor of coffee.

- Thick and wide handle, easy to grip and hold firmly.

- Thinly-glazed rim edge for aesthetic highlight.


- Products are handmade and the fabulous fascination of its beauty is the unique mixture of clay body and glaze. 

- Pottery wares are not standardized products.

- Every piece of its colour, pattern and size may slightly differ.

- Uses raw material and they are 100% safe.

- There may be some pinholes on the surface like naturally-grown organic vegetables.


- Rinse the product with boiling water before using.

- Size may slightly differ due to contraction features of handmade pottery product.

- Please keep dry after cleaning with a soft brush or water.

- Keep away from children to avoid product breakage of scald or burning injury.

Aurli 奧利│老岩泥山型杯1&5燒 12oz(355ml)為一般咖啡外帶杯的中杯。杯口內縮外形如山型一般,故名山型杯,能將豐富的咖啡香氣集中,更能品嚐出咖啡最佳風味。 





尺寸:130mm x 95mm x 90mm 

淨重:320 g 

容量:355 c.c./12oz 

※採老岩泥天然岩礦結合陶土調配而成,坯體呈現原始的樸拙、自然粗礦的質感。 而杯内施上薄釉後,土質顆粒更顯窯變拙趣且獨一無二的色澤。 老岩泥每批燒製作品獨一無二,顏色恐有色差 以實品為主。 


老岩泥每批燒製作品獨一無二,顏色恐有色差 以實品為主。

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