Aurli U360 Old Rock Mud Coffee Dripper Aurli奧利|老岩泥U360濾杯 (內釉) – COFFEE ICON
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Aurli U360 Old Rock Mud Coffee Dripper Aurli奧利|老岩泥U360濾杯 (內釉)

RM 150.00

Aurli U360 Coffee Dripper - Inner Glazed


Dripper bullet or Filter-paper, use as you like

Use Filter paper # 155 wave or #185 wave also can 

Exclusive 360 Degree Valve Design

Playful Taste Experience


- The new two-hole design is suitable for manual brewing and reduces the need for coffee to stay on the filter paper for a long time.

- Exclusive patented switch valve structure allows brewers to experience different levels of fun

- Equipped with corrugated filter paper to reduce the contact area between the filter paper and the filter cup, making coffee extraction smoother

- Keep the original flavor of coffee!

Aurli's new U360 filter cup in 2023 uses the basic structure of a cake filter cup, combined with the exclusive patented 360 filter rod, without the filter rod of filter paper, you can drink the fragrant taste of the most original coffee oil, allowing more people to love coffee A level of enjoyment while also contributing to the sustainability of the earth!

The size and number of the outlet of the filter cup will affect the speed of the water flow and the mellowness of the extraction. The diameter of the outlet of the V360 filter cup is larger, the flow rate is faster, and the taste is lighter and more alcoholic. The outlet diameter of the U360 filter cup is small, the flow rate is slow, the taste is more mellow and thick, and the bottom is flat. It needs to be matched with corrugated filter paper to make the coffee extraction more even.

濾棒/ 濾紙 隨心使用

波浪型濾紙#155 或# 185 都可以喔!







2023年Aurli 新品的U360濾杯,採用蛋糕濾杯基礎結構,結合獨家專利之360濾棒,無須濾紙之濾棒,便可喝上最原始咖啡油脂的香濃口感,讓熱愛咖啡的人多了一分層次的享受,同時也一同為地球永續盡一份心力!

濾杯出水口的大小及數量,皆會影響水流的速度和萃取的醇厚度,V360濾杯出水口口徑較大,流速快,口感較為輕盈甘醇。U360濾杯的出水口口徑較小, 流速慢,口感較為香醇厚實,且底部平整,需搭配波浪濾紙.讓咖啡萃取較為平均


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