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Cafede Kona Balance Cone - 平衡錐

RM 75.00

Item           :  Cafede Kona Balance Cone 

Material     :  Ceramics 

Colour       :  White 

Brand        :  Cafede Kona

Type          :  Balance Cone

Model no.  :  CK5223

Origin        :  China


- Suitable for V60 Shape Dripper Cup 

- Sale hand punch

- Assistive devices to balance your coffee flavor 

- Add a balance cone from v shape to cake enamel cup

- Cone filter cup for all

- Change your V60 drip cup shape 

# 使用V60濾杯時,以平衡錐放入改變杯型, 濾紙將變更為kalita Wave 濾紙,讓沖煮更均勻,飽滿!


- The Cafede Kona balance cone allows you to convert your conical dripper to be compatible with flat bottom filters.

- Allows your brew to have more contact time with the coffee bed, which generally allows for fuller body and juicier cups.

- You can also use it to transform your flat bottom brewer into a reverse cone.

- Suitable for V60 Shape Dripper Cup 

- Allow your coffee to have a better and more balance taste.

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