Taiwan Driver Dual Ice Drip & Cold Brew Coffee Maker / 冰滴 & 冷泡 雙效萃取 – COFFEE ICON
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Taiwan Driver Dual Ice Drip & Cold Brew Coffee Maker / 冰滴 & 冷泡 雙效萃取

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Driver Ice Drip & Cold Brew Coffee Maker 冰滴& 冷泡 2用

Brand      :  Driver (Original brand)

Product   :  Ice Drip & Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Material   :  SUS304 Stainless Steel. Heat-Resistant Glass (can withstand up to 100℃). PP lid

Capacity  :  600ml 

Weight     :  Approximately 512.1g

Origin       :  Taiwan


-  Iced drip coffee pot + Cold brew coffee pot = High CP value dual-use iced coffee pot.

-  Exclusive upright metal filter that does not clog during cold extraction, allowing for complete extraction of every drop of coffee liquid.

-  Special advanced stainless steel etching technology has minimized the mesh size, effectively filtering out coffee powder and impurities in the water during cold extraction.

-  A brand new water-saving valve structure similar to a faucet allows for complete closure and precise control of water flow speed, providing more diverse extraction options.

-  The world's first circular water distribution network (replacing round filter paper), reduces paper waste and promotes environmental protection.

-  The highest cost-effective new choice for multi-use, low threshold, designer products.

-  The thoughtful lid design not only prevents dust but also reduces odor confusion during fermentation.

-  This series of products use food-grade SUS304 high-grade stainless steel filters, clean, safe, and durable.

-  The pot body is made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass, with a water level line and a thoughtful glass handle for easier use.

-  The product can be directly placed in the refrigerator for extraction, maintaining a stable environmental temperature.

-  Can adjust the concentration, making self-made iced drip coffee clean, hygienic, and safe.

-  Passed SGS inspection and is free of heavy metals, bisphenol A, and other harmful substances.

-  This product is insured with Fubon's 10 million product liability insurance, ensuring product quality and safety.

-  100% Made in Taiwan, ensuring product quality and safety.


- Do not place the glass pot near open flames as the handle may become deformed due to heat.

- Avoid collision with other hard objects and prevent heavy falling of the glass pot.

- Avoid using rough wire cleaning brushes to scrub the glass pot to prevent scratches on the glass surface.

- If there are cracks in the glass, please stop using it.

- This product cannot be heated directly over an open flame.

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