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Taiwan Driver Stainless Steel Filter Set 2 Sizes 600ML / 900ML

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Taiwan Driver Stainless Steel Filter Set

Brand       : Driver (Original brand)

Item          : Stainless Steel Filter Set 

Material    : 304 Stainless Steel Dripper / Glass Server

Capacity   : 600ml / 900ml

Made in    : Taiwan

= No need filter paper =

Product Description:

♦ A high-density filter made of 18-8 high-quality stainless steel (SUS304) / does not contain heavy metals, bisphenol A, or plasticizers, and is resistant to chemical changes and more durable.

♦ Double-layer high-density ultra-fine filter. After precise calculation, it effectively filters out coffee fines and creates a golden flow rate to achieve excellent extraction degree.

♦ Richer taste, retain the original flavor of coffee and enhance the taste buds.

♦ No need for filter paper, no worries about filter paper containing bleach, a new environmentally friendly and economical choice.

♦ Handmade glass pot/ traditionally handmade, suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers.

♦ Capacity scale mark / brewing measurement is convenient and simple, and can be used as a measuring cup.

♦ SGS inspection qualified / does not contain heavy metals and harmful substances

♦ 18 -8優質不銹鋼(SUS304)研製高密度濾網/ 不含重金屬、雙酚A、塑化劑,不起化學變化更耐用。

♦ 雙層高密度極細濾網/ 經過精密計算,有效濾除咖啡細末,創造黃金流速達到絕佳之萃取度。

♦ 口感層次更豐富/ 保留咖啡最原始的風味,讓味蕾層次更提升。

♦ 免用濾紙/ 無濾紙含漂白劑之疑慮,環保與經濟的新選擇。

♦ 手工玻璃壺/ 傳統手工製作,適用於微波爐、洗碗機。

♦ 容量刻度標示/ 沖泡計量方便簡單,可當量杯使用。

♦ SGS檢驗合格/ 不含重金屬及有害物質


➜ This item does not require filter paper!

➜ Kindly soak the dripper using the cleaning powder provided in the set!

Inside the Box:

1x  Driver Stainless Steel Dripper

1x  Driver Glass Server

1x  Cleaning Powder Pack (for Dripper)

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