Hario V60 Old Rock Mud Dripper Cup V60 Design Size 01 / 02 老岩泥濾杯 – COFFEE ICON
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Hario V60 Old Rock Mud Dripper Cup V60 Design Size 01 / 02 老岩泥濾杯

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Hario V60 Old Rock Mud Dripper Cup V60 Design Size 01 / 02  老岩泥濾杯

Brand     :  Hario (Original brand)

Material  :  Old Rock Mud

Size        :  01 and 02

Design    :  V60

Capacity  : 01 (1-2 cups) / 02 (1-4 cups)

Weight     : 400g (included box)

Origin      :  Made In Taiwan Aurli - Taiwan Pottery Workshop

Product Description:

➜ Semi-handmade, each filter cup will have different color depth and gradient position, which is normal.

➜ Underneath the original, sincere and friendly appearance, there are ever-changing textures. Under high temperature quenching, the color shows the clumsy taste of kiln change, rich and simple, vaguely showing the imprint of the craftsmen's hands.

➜ It is rich in minerals, namely quartz adobe, which has been fired through high-temperature oxidation and reduction. It has an activated carbon structure similar to medical stone, making the water smooth and the drinking taste particularly sweet and sweet.

➜ It has a granular texture, slow heat dissipation, and has better temperature gathering properties than pottery and porcelain.

➜ Adopting a cone-shaped design, it does not affect the expansion of coffee powder.

➜ Large-diameter round hole changes the taste of coffee with the speed of hot water injected.

➜ When the boiling water is poured in quickly, the coffee tastes light, and when the boiling water is poured in slowly, the coffee tastes rich.

➜ In combination with the above, the conical structure allows the coffee powder to be piled high, allowing the aroma of the coffee to be fully released.

➜ It can brew professional-level delicious coffee and is very simple to make.


➜  半手工製作,每顆濾杯顏色深淺漸層位置都會不同,屬正常現象。

➜  在原始樸拙親和的外表下,蘊含著千變萬化質感。在高溫淬火下🔥色澤呈現出窯變的拙趣,渾厚質樸,隱約展現出匠師們手捏的印記 

➜  富含礦石即石英土坯,經高溫氧化還原燒製,具類似麥飯石結構活性炭質,使水質滑順,品飲口感格外甘醇甜美 ✨

➜  呈現顆粒狀的胎質,散熱慢,聚溫性比陶與瓷更勝一籌。

➜  採用圓錐刑設計,不影響咖啡粉末的膨脹。 

➜  大口徑圓孔,隨著注入的熱水速度而改變咖啡的味道。

➜  快速注入開水時咖啡口味清淡,慢慢注入時口味濃厚。

➜  綜合以上,更能讓咖啡粉末堆高的圓錐形結構,使咖啡的香氣充分得到釋放 🌬️

➜  既能泡出專業水平的美味咖啡,製作起來又很簡單 ☕


➜ Use filter paper size 01 for dripper size 01 (V60-01)

➜ Use filter paper size 02 for dripper size 02 (V60-02)

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