Taiwan Yang - Chia Feima 601N Electric Coffee Grinder 台灣楊家飛馬新款601N 義式 / 手沖 皆可使用 – COFFEE ICON
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Taiwan Yang - Chia Feima 601N Electric Coffee Grinder 台灣楊家飛馬新款601N 義式 / 手沖 皆可使用

RM 1,250.00

Item              : Yang - Chia Feima 601N Eletric Grinder 

Brand           :  Yang - Chia Feima

Adjustment   : 15 Levels   

Burr              : HRC 60mm, High Hardness Alloy Steel Burr 

Capacity       : 250g 

Voltage         : 220V 

Dimension    : 22cm x 12cm x 38cm (Height x Width x Length)

Weight          : 3.7kg 

Colour           : Black 

Origin            : Taiwan

Power           : Malaysia Plug 220v, 150w

Grind speed : 350g/min

Rpm             : 2500


60mm 高硬度合金鋼







機身重量     :  3.7 公斤

長 x 寬 x 高 :  22X12X38 公分

耗電功率     :  150 瓦

漏斗容量     :  0.25 公斤

粉碎力         :  350 公克/分鐘 以上

迴轉數         :  2500 轉

顏色            :  霧黑色

Premium Level Home Grinder.

Looking for a coffee grinder that grinds evenly, stably, fast with great versatility and is very suitable for single dosing? The newly released Feima 601N does just that! Feima 601N is capable of delivering high-quality grind for brewing methods that requires finer grind like espresso and Aeropress. It can also grind for V60, Kono or other japanese style pour over drippers, Chemex, , clever drippers and French press. The new hardened alloy steel flat burrs installed on 601N are manufactured with high precision CNC and have high hardness at HRC 60. The overall grinding performance of Feima 601N is on par with Fuji Royal R-220 and Kalita Next G. Yet the price tag is significantly lower and provides great value for coffee enthusiasts in 2020! 

15 Grind Settings.

The user friendly rotary control in the front allows for intuitive and quick grind adjustment. The mechanism also minimize retention and is easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Built-in slider under the bean hopper.

It is recommended to start grinding after turning on the grinder. Since the burr is already rotating at designed operational speed when contacting the beans, this procedure increase the evenness of coffee ground and decrease the possibility of jamming. With the built-in slider, you can put the coffee beans into the hopper first , turn on Feima 601N, then open the slider to start grinding.   

Titanium plated stainless steel grounds bin.

The Feima 601N’s grounds bin is made of high quality stainless steel plated with Titanium. It can last for a long time. The shape is designed for easy pouring into your preferred brewing equipment. 

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