Tiamo CT2000 Professional Timer Electronic Scale CT2000 專業計時電子秤 3kg - 時尚黑/時尚白 – COFFEE ICON
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Tiamo CT2000 Professional Timer Electronic Scale CT2000 專業計時電子秤 3kg - 時尚黑/時尚白

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Tiamo CT2000 Professional Timing Electronic Scale CT2000 

專業計時電子秤 3kg - 時尚黑/時尚白

Brand       :  Cafe de Tiamo / Tiamo (Original brand)

Item          :  Electronic scale

Model No. :  CT2000

Material    :  Polystyrene Plastic

Monitor     :  High 13mm LCD Digital Liquid Crystal Display

Scale        :  1g - 3000g (Precision display to 0.1g)

Size          :  15.5cm X 13.2 cm X 2.5cm 

Weighing unit            :  Gram / oz free switch

Timing range             :  0-59 minutes 59 seconds

Rated voltage            :  3.7v

Battery specification  :  1100mAh (a built-in non-removable lithium battery)

Appendix                   :  Charging cable, silicone heat insulation pad; sealing film outer packaging

Product Specifications:

The CT2000 professional timing electronic scale is specially designed for hand-brew coffee and espresso user. It includes a timer and an electronic scale for precision weighing. Its unique five common operating modes can help users brew coffee more accurately and faster.

The high-precision measuring device can display a resolution of up to 0.1g, and when the weight reaches more than 1000g, it still maintains a high level of 1 decimal place, and has a weight correction mode to continuously ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data. It can be charged with a general mobile phone charger or power bank, which is convenient and durable. Comes with a silicone heat-resistant insulation pad, which can protect the utensils when washing by hand, and the Italian handle can be stable and non-slip when weighing powder.





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