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Taiwan Tiamo Digital Thermometer 電子温度計

RM 139.00

Tiamo Digital Temperature 

Brand      :Cafe de Tiamo / Tiamo

Item         :  Digital thermometer

Material   :  Stainless Steel, ABS

Length     :  14.5 cm

Temperature Changer: 

Celsius & Fahrenheit 

Temperature Range:

-45~200 Degrees (Celsius)

Product Features:

- Fastest Temperature Display with decimals

- Electronic pen thermometer, accurate measurement, easy to take

- Adjustable position of thermometer to match each milk jugs or coffee pots

- The clamp-type design facilitates the fixation of the thermometer without fear of tipping

How to use:

1. Milk foam temperature is around 60-65 Celcius

2. Keep the tip of the thermometer about 1cm from the bottom of the container

3. Use a clamp to fix the temperature when measuring the temperature to prevent the

    thermometer from falling into the container during the measurement.


!!  Please do not bent the temperature sensor to avoid abnormal temperature test  !!

!!  Do not add detergent to wash the thermometer  !!


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