Tiamo Teflon Milk Pitcher 300ml & 600ml 18/8 Non-Sticking Milk Pitcher for Brewing – COFFEE ICON
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Tiamo Teflon Milk Pitcher 300ml & 600ml 18/8 Non-Sticking Milk Pitcher for Brewing

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Item            :  Tiamo Teflon Milk Pitcher

Brand         :  Tiamo / Cafe De Tiamo 

Model No.  :  HC7069

Size            :  Length 11cm x Diameter 7.5cm x Height 9.5cm  (300ml)

                      Length 13cm x Diameter 9cm x Height 11cm  (600ml)

Capacity     :  300ml / 600ml

Materials    :  Teflon, Stainless Steel 

Product Features:

- Non-stick coating design for easy cleaning --Teflon

- 18-8 Food Grade Stainless Steel 

- Comes in black colour and two sizes with capacity of 300ml & 600ml

- The inner and outer layers are evenly treated with Teflon non-stick coating

- Residual milk foam and dried milk scale become easier to clean

- The cup has a wide diameter and can be used with a thermometer and temperature-sensitive patch at the same time.

- The handle is wide and easy to hold, allowing users to pour steadily and use smoothly.

- Suitable for coffee bar, restaurant, etc

[It has passed Taiwan SGS food container inspection and complies with regulatory standards.]

Product Description:

● This Cafe Tiamo pitcher is coated in a nonstick coat, that enables the milk after being heated to easily flush off in running water. No more layers of milk stuck on the inside of the pitcher. Its a Standard Size Milk Pitcher for Latte's and Cappuccino's (20 oz | 600ml)

● The spout is a humanized curved design which is suitable for the pull latte art.

● The handle is double reinforced to offer durability. Teflon non-stick coating design is easy for cleaning. Also the teflon material has good liquidity, it can increase the liquidity of milk.




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