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Tiamo Syphon Filter Cloth (10pcs / Pack )

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Tiamo Syphon Filter Cloth 10pcs / Pack

Items          :  Syphon Filter Cloth 

Brand         :  Tiamo / Cafe De Tiamo

Materials    :  Cloth

Quantity     :  10pcs / pack

Measurements  :  7.3cm diameters X 1cm height

Product Description:

- Reusable

- 10pcs / Packet

- Suitable for TCA, NCA, RNA, MCA, SCA, DCA and 50A

- Replace the filter cloth. When we use the filter cloth dozens of times and the filter cloth cannot be cleaned and has a peculiar smell, please replace the filter cloth to keep the coffee clean!

- 更換塞風濾布,當我們使用幾十次塞風後,濾布巳無法清洗且有異味時,請更換濾布以保持咖啡的乾淨度!

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