Tanabe Copper Coffee Dripper V60 01 / 02 日本Tanabe 燕三條銅質濾杯 – COFFEE ICON
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Tanabe Copper Coffee Dripper V60 01 / 02 日本Tanabe 燕三條銅質濾杯

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Tanabe Copper Coffee Dripper  

日本Tanabe 燕三條銅質濾杯

Brand       :  Tanabe (Original Brand)

Item          :  Coffee filter cup

Type         :  V01 and V02

Material    :  Pure copper

Capacity   :  1-2 cups / 2-4 cups

Size          :  V01- 105mm x 123mm x 75 mm, Thickness 0.8 mm

                    V02- 115mm x 130mm x 90 mm, Thickness 0.8 mm 

Weight      :  V01 - 160g (approx)

                    V02 - 180g (approx)

Origin       :  Made in Japan

Product Description: 

- Conical structure design makes coffee extraction more complete

- Better control of water flow speed

- Applicable to various brands of V60 (conical) 01 filter paper

- This can retain water temperature and is the best item for pour over coffee brewing

- It can give rich authentic flavor without unfavorable taste

Use & Care Instruction

- Before first use, wash it with a soft sponge and neutral detergent.

- Wash it with a soft sponge and neutral detergent after each use and thoroughly dry it.

- When inside stains are persistent, scrub them with a harder sponge. However, it may cause the inside plating to come off if scrubed too strongly.

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