Aurli PURION 360 Flow Dripper Size 01/02 (Kilning 1 Time/ Kilning 5 Times) Aurli奧利|老岩泥流轉360濾杯 (火/炎焱) - Size 01 & 02 – COFFEE ICON
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Aurli PURION 360 Flow Dripper Size 01/02 (Kilning 1 Time/ Kilning 5 Times) Aurli奧利|老岩泥流轉360濾杯 (火/炎焱) - Size 01 & 02

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Aurli PURION 360 Flow Dripper Size 01/02 (Kilning 1 Time/ Kilning 5 Times)

Aurli奧利|老岩泥流轉360濾杯 01/02 (火/炎焱)

Material   :  Old Mug Rock 

Capacity  :  200ml / 350ml

Weight     :  310g / 430g

Origin      :  Taiwan Aurli 

Type        :  1 Fired / 5 Fired

Size         :  01 / 02

Inside the Box:

1x   Aurli PURION 360 Flow Dripper

Product Descriptions:

1.  Handmade, each filter cup will have a different color depth and gradient position, which is normal.

2.  Aurli gives a new experience of life aesthetics:

3.  Let all the utensils of life return to the experience. Just like tea and wine tasting, Aurli's utensils can enhance the characteristics of coffee extraction, taste the different tastes of coffee, and present more amazing flavors. Use the instant cup to order Glazed cups and inner-glazed cups, different cups present different flavors. During the tasting process, the flavor brought out is worth recalling and can take into account the happy taste of the taster.

4.  Made from old rock mud and natural rock minerals combined with pottery clay, the body presents the original simplicity and natural texture of rough minerals. After a thin glaze is applied to the cup, the earthy particles show the earthy and unique earth color of the kiln!

Maintenance Method:

1. Laoyan Mud® is a fragile item. The inner glaze of the cup can be cleaned and wiped with a sponge or cotton cloth. Avoid using technical sponges or chemical fiber vegetable cloths.

2. Laoyan Mud® needs to be cleaned one by one to avoid collision with each other.

3. Try to avoid rapid cooling and heating during cleaning. If there is dust on the surface of Laoyan Mud®, wipe it gently with a soft cloth or gently brush it off with a brush.

4. Laoyan Mud® should be placed properly to avoid squeezing, impacting with other appliances, etc., and to prevent it from tipping over.

5. Please pay attention to hard objects such as rings on your hands when using it to avoid scratching the surface or causing chips.

6. Do not use in microwave ovens, dish dryers, and dishwashers






⚠️ 注意 ⚠️


➜ 全陶製的閥門設計

➜ 使用天然老岩泥陶土,安心且安全

➜ 可自由切換濾滴或浸泡模式

➜ 線段對齊 > 出水孔開啟

➜ 線段呈90度 > 出水孔關閉

➜ 可自由切換濾滴或浸泡模式

沖泡咖啡或茶葉都很適合 🍃✨


➜ Use filter paper size 01 for dripper size 01 (V60-01)

Use filter paper size 02 for dripper size 02 (V60-02)

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