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Taiwan Driver Narrow Mouth Kettle Pot 350ml / 河野流急須壼

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Taiwan Driver Narrow Mouth Kettle Pot 350ml / 河野流急須壼

Brand        :  Driver (Original Brand)

Item          :   Narrow Mouth Kettle Pot

Size           :  Length 16.2cm x Width 15.5cm x Height 12.5cm

Material    :  SUS 304 food-grade high-grade stainless steel, Wood Handle

Capacity   :  350 ml

Weight      :  Approx. 255 g

Made in    :  Taiwan 

※ 18-8 Food-Grade Stainless Steel 

※ Easy to control water flow

※ Unique kettle design, wooden handle for easy grip

Product Desciption:

✭The ergonomic handle design with an 82-degree angle moves the force application point to the center of the pot body, allowing for more subtle and precise control through the wrist, making the special techniques easier to use.

✭5MM water outlet and precise spout angle provide excellent water flow and speed.

✭The ultra-thick 1.0mm kettle body is durable and not easy to deform and oxidize.

✭The design of the water-blocking piece inside the pot effectively concentrates the water flow so there will be no water interruption when the water volume is low.

✭The handles are carefully handmade, giving each pot a unique texture.

✭The new laser welding method allows the spout and body to be completely integrated without the problem of solder joints falling off.

✭ Made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel (SUS304), safe to use it.

✭The lid has a thermometer socket, so you can measure the water temperature without opening the lid.

Driver  河野流Ⅱ 急須壺 350ml  



尺寸:長 16.2 x 寬 15.5 x 高 12.5 公分 


容量:350 ml 

重量:約 255 g


✭第二款為日本河野流技法打造之手沖壺,只為傳承推廣 “河野咖啡道” 的精神,以慢來制動


✭符合人體工學82度角之把手設計,將施力點移到壺身中央,透過手腕能夠更細微精準地控制,讓河野流特殊技法更       易就手 。


✭超厚1.0mm 壺身且採用一體成型工法,耐用不易變型且不易氧化。




✭採18/8食品級不繡鋼 (SUS304) 研製,敬請安心使用。 



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