Kadou & Hasami M1 Coffee Dripper Cup 台灣M1星芒濾杯 – COFFEE ICON
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Kadou & Hasami M1 Coffee Dripper Cup 台灣M1星芒濾杯

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Kadou & Hasami M1 Coffee Dripper Cup (星芒濾杯)

Brand        :  Kadou & Hasami M1 (Original brand)

Item          :  Coffee dripper cup

Material    :  Ceramics 

Origin       :  Taiwan Design, Made in Japan 

Capacity   :  20g-25g 

Color         :  Green/ Blue/ Yellow/ White/ Purple

                    (Limited Edition**) Sky Blue/ Pink/ Vintage Green

Product Descriptions:

1. Special ribs, clear strips, smooth drainage, making it clean, sweet and double flavor. 

2. Flow rate faster than V60.

3. All brewing methods are common.

Recommend use the Japanese Kadou M1 special filter paper. The difference in fiber length and fiber density of each brand of filter paper, which will cause differences in water flow rate and flavor. It is recommended to use the original consumables to achieve the best results.

Inside the Box:

1x  Kadou & Hasami M1 Dripper Cup

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