Taiwan Natural Glaze Ceramic Dripper Forest Green and Tea Sky 台灣自然釉 咖啡濾杯 – COFFEE ICON
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Taiwan Natural Glaze Ceramic Dripper Forest Green and Tea Sky 台灣自然釉 咖啡濾杯

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Taiwan Natural Glaze Ceramic Dripper 

自然釉咖啡濾杯 錐形濾杯 自然釉色 茶墨 / 天目森林 台灣鶯歌陶瓷 

Item            :  Ceramic dripper

Material      :  Ceramic

Size            :  Between 01 and 02

Dimension  :  11.7cm x 11.7cm x 8.2cm (LxWxH)

Colour         :  Forest Green / Tea Sky

Made in       :  Taiwan










Product Description:

☆The angle of the filter cup is narrowed, and the thickness of the powder layer is increased, making the coffee taste more solid.

☆The deep rib design makes the water flow smoother and the extraction more uniform.

☆The opening at the bottom is enlarged, it is not easy to be blocked when brewing coffee, and the delicate aroma is retained.

☆The cup rim is designed to be more convenient to grasp and not slippery.

☆Three specially designed skeletons at the bottom increase the contact area, suitable for various pots or mugs.

☆Conical filter paper is used, the size of the filter cup is between 01 and 02, so it is recommended to use filter paper size 01 for better fit.

☆The packaging box is made of recycled paper, honeycomb paper is used as a buffer material, and the amount of plastic is reduced to zero, which is environmentally friendly and loves the earth.

☆Taiwan Yingge ceramic craftsmen produce locally, quality assurance.

The size of the filter cup is between 01 and 02 conical filter papers on the market. It can brew from 10 grams to 40 grams, allowing unlimited coffee brewing. But because the V-shaped angle is small, the filter paper needs to be folded a little more!

Take note:

* The size is measured by hand, and the error may be within 0.5 cm

* The work may have some traces in the embryo repair process, because each work is semi-handmade, there will be some individual differences more or less.

* During the production process, the glaze may have some unevenness and flow, which is a natural glaze phenomenon, which is also emphasized by natural glaze. Ceramics are inherently natural. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us privately.

* Because the opening angle of the filter cup is different, when using a conical filter paper, remember to fold a little more

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