Espresso Corner Tamper Mat S – COFFEE ICON
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Espresso Corner Tamper Mat S

RM 19.00

Item          :  Tamper Mat 

Size          :  S - Small

Colors      :  Black

Materials  :  Silicone

Product Features:

- High-Quality FDA Food Grade Silicone 

- Keeps the portafilter from sliding around

- Special design for Tampering on working bench corner 

- Durable material and easy to clean

- Convenient to use 

- Have special features to place the portafilter for tampering process

Why you need this:

- Tamping mats are meant to stand as a barrier between the metal of the portafilter you would be tamping into and the surface of your work stations below. 

- Not only do they protect your equipment from harm, but they help control any mess from spillage and the stations help prevent injury.

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